I’m attempting to put together a playlist for our long trip up to Kentucky. Call me crazy, but I refuse to use the seek button every time we get out of a city’s boundaries. So iPod, this is where you come in handy. And my followers, I need some suggestions!


P.S. This Commercial is fantastic

Let me just add that I love this commercial! It inspires me to take a cross-country road trip and the songs are just perfect!

Polaroid creatives


For now, I only have 8 pictures for my polaroid sx-700 and I want to make them count! I’m definitely taking a picture of my boyfriend (he bought me the camera :)) on the beach and will probably take the rest of them with a beach theme. Once I have the pictures taken, I want to do something creative with them. I found a couple ideas but I want to know what you think!

A couple ideas to get the minds a-rollin’.

(but with less pictures)

(but painted white. and used to hang car keys!)

I’d love feedback!

This is Pooh Bear

This is Pooh Bear

She bites her tongue sometimes. Fighting back those kisses.

creating a ‘rustic’ look for furniture

I’ve recently found an easy way to create a “rustic’ look for furniture. I have an awesome four poster bed, but I hated the color, it was too ‘young’ for me. The color was a sort of light mahogany, so I decided to paint it white. Not bright white, not clean white, a rustic, antique white. Here are the steps I took:

1. Use a sander for large flat surfaces, but hand-sand the edges and corners. Be careful not to sand too much. A good hint to that is when the color of the furniture turns a very light color.

2. After sanding, clean with denatured alcohol well. Make sure to get off all of the sand dust.

3. Paint one coat of an off-white creamy color.

4. Wait a few hours to dry.

5. Paint a second coat. It’s okay if the brush strokes come through, it actually makes it look a little more rustic.

6. Wait 24 hours to dry.

7. Hand-sand furniture where you want the look. The edges are best. Also, covering a small block of wood with sheet of sandpaper gives you a corner to create longer ‘scrapes’ along the paint.

8. Use denatured alcohol to get out any unwanted scuff marks from places the paint did not come off. The denatured alcohol also blends the paint into the ‘scrapes’ giving it a cool effect.

Good Luck!